A Brief Apology and Other Things

by Matt on September 17, 2012

Hello, world. 
The Apology
I’d like to apologize for not posting last Monday. I’d also like to apologize for anything of that sort happening in the future. School’s just started and I have quite a busy schedule until  the November/December range. 
Until then, my blogging schedule will be quite conflicted. 
Word Count Update
In other news, I have lowered the word count goal for SEED OF SHADOW to 150k words due to story changes. The progress bar for that book is at 135k. We’re growing ever closer to the end of the first-third of the story, but with this many things in the pipeline, who knows how long those 15k words will take to write? 
Things To Look Forward To

Next year, I begin the second book in the trilogy, which is titled RISE OF SHADOW. The following year I will complete the concluding volume, LORD OF SHADOW, which will bring the story of Jazen Zenith and the struggle of his world against the evil might of the Shadow to a satisfying close. 
After that, I have another epic fantasy trilogy titled the INNERHEART trilogy, beginning with THE INNERHEART FIRE. Rather than the struggle between good and evil, the INNERHEART trilogy details the struggle of civil war and a boy named Thjais (pronounced TICE) caught in the middle of the crisis. Like the CLEANSING trilogy, the INNERHEART books will be written one year after another. 
Following this, I have a planned sci-fi trilogy called THE RIFT WAR TRILOGY, beginning with THE FIELD. After this is MEMORIES OF THE SHARD and MIRROR OF TIME. Like my two trilogies before it, these books will be written one year after the other. 
After that, I have another epic fantasy series of an undetermined number of books (right now I’m thinking around 5) entitled DRAGONROCK, which tells of the fading of magic from the world and the discovery science. Basically, it’s the transition between the Dark Ages into the Renaissance era where magic and science collide. 
Finally, along with a couple of stand-alone YA Fantasy novels, I also have a planned 5-to-7-book MG fantasy series called THE VAULT, beginning with THE VAULT, which I’ve already written at 50,000 words. Each book will be about this length. The second book is called THE KEEPER, followed by THE ELDER and THE SHATTER. Beyond that, the storyline is fuzzy, so I haven’t got an official number of books yet.

So, yeah. I do have several fall-back books in case SEED OF SHADOW doesn’t work out.


A goal of mine is to have SEED OF SHADOW presentable by the end of next year. As in, to publishers and agents and stuff. By the end of this year I hope it to be in the hands of alpha and beta readers.

I do hope to have the entire trilogy finished before I graduate high school, which is looking quite possible, if I can write a book a year. 


Alright, well, that’s about all the words I know at this point. I’ll see you people on the horizon. Hopefully the next time I post will be me announcing the completion of the first draft of SEED. Hopefully. Don’t hold your breath. 
I mean, really, don’t. You’ve seen what happens in cartoons. 

By the way, I’m meeting author Brent Weeks today, author of the Night Angel trilogy, and the first two books in the Lightbringer series: THE BLACK PRISM and THE BLINDING KNIFE. 

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Birthday and Other Stuff

by Matt on September 4, 2012

So, it’s not a Monday. In fact, it’s Tuesday, but there’s a good reason I’m posting on this day of days. 
It’s my birthday. 
Yep. 15. Which means I’ve been writing for almost 6 years, starting . . . January, I think. I already celebrated my birthday over the weekend and I got a recording system for video games (yes, I do gaming, and I’ve posted a video on YouTube). 
In other news, I DID NOT finish my book before school started. It was a long shot, and I had a lot of stuff in the way. Like, school-prep stuff. I am, however, about 135,000 words in, although I haven’t updated that in the sidebar just yet. Why? I’m tellin’ ya why! 
5,000 words a day is kind of difficult, that’s why. Unless you wake up fully charged and go to bed fully depleted. An entire chapter in one day can also get . . . a little boring, if you ask me. 
So I started writing the last 10 chapters all at once to keep it fun. I wrote the first 500 words of the last 10 chapters in one night, and the epilogue. I woke up the next morning and only got about 3,000 words done. The next day was only 2,000 words. 
Something was happening. Something not good. 
So I started writing from another viewpoint. In two days I got out three viewpoints from one character by the name of Zet, who is quite twisted and likes to kill small animals, particularly rodents. What’s his story behind it all? You’ll have to read. In any case, Zet’s whole viewpoint is only about 3,000 words. But there are 6 other viewpoint characters like Zet that I’ll be adding in, each viewpoint amounting to about the same – 3,000 words. 
And then I’ll write 11 more viewpoints, 1,000 words each, 1 from each of the supporting characters that Jazen travels with. 
Of course, I’ll have to write in all of my main character’s stuff, which will take some time, considering school just started last week. I’m thinking either Thanksgiving or Christmas break is a good estimate for when I’ll finish. 
Anyway, gotta run. See ya later! 

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